One Church - Two Styles

Worship Service Times

SPECIAL NOTE: Although, we typically have distinct differences between our two services, please be aware that as we are in this time of transition between Senior Pastors, there has not been a big difference between our two services other than our choir singing two Sundays a month at the 8:45 service.  We are working to make this distinction true again even if we do not have a Senior Pastor in place.  We hope you will understand and be patient with us during this challenging time.

What Can I Expect on Sunday Mornings?
Redeemer offers two styles of worship. We encourage you to experience each service to find out which one best helps you connect with God in worship. No matter which worship gathering you attend, you can “come as you are,” expecting…

• Friendly, encouraging people in a welcoming atmosphere.
• Authentic, heartfelt worship in music.
• Celebration of life through the Sacraments of Communion and Baptism.
• Relevant, Bible-based teaching.
• Qualified, safe care for your kids.

Worship at 8:45
The best of Redeemer’s living heritage. Blended Contemporary with a mix of band-led praise songs; hymns; choir; instrumental and special music. Experience reverence and celebration in “family style” worship.

Worship at 11:00
A more modern time of worship. Lights down; volume up. A wide variety of worship music, from folk-based acoustic music to full-on rock and roll. Experience God in a more informal setting.

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