LifeGroups & RightNowMedia

We believe no one is meant to live his or her faith alone. We were created to connect with each other. One opportunity to connect with each other in meaningful ways is through LIfe Groups. These groups are designed to help people by providing environments where we can connect, support, encourage, and challenge one another to the live the full, rich lives for which God created us. Each group strives to encourage Biblically-based growth through its own unique combination of study, community, and service.

We would encourage you to form your own Life Group by inviting your friends and neighbors to join together on a regular basis to do life together. We have all the resources ready and at your fingertips through our partnership with The RightNow Media website serves as the leader of the group (as far as content and providing discussion questions), so we just need your group to identify a "Facilitator" with whom our staff can stay in touch. It is our desire to encourage and pray for your group as well as to keep you updated on any upcoming events in the church. 

Forming your own Life Group is easy! Just follow these criteria:

  • Consider how you are already connecting with others
  • Have an intentional conversation with them about becoming a Life Group
  • Decide when and where to meet
  • Commit to consistency, prayer, study and laughter together
  • Identify the Group Facilitator
  • Register your group on our website
  • Utilize RightNow Media
    (If you don't have access to RightNow Media, email us and we will reply with an invitation to get started!)


Here's what to do now:
1. As a LifeGroup Leader, register your current or new Life Group
2. Get connected to or start a Life Group by using the form below.
3. Reserve childcare for your Sunday afternoon or Wednesday LifeGroup


Fill out my online form.