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New Life Ranch Week

Want a week of summer camp fun?  This is it!  Beginning in late Fall each year, we post information  about the upcoming summer plans along with early registration discount opportunities.  Students are free to attend the week of their choice, but one week is designated "Redeemer Week" so that most everyone can share this special time together - and Redeemer ministry leaders will rotate in & out each day throughout this specific week.  Our High School students often choose to participate in the Nehemiah "Nehi," Timothy or SOMA teams.  Be sure to check out the New Life Ranch website for more detailed information - you can use the link at the bottom of this page.   HERE IS THE INFORMATION

New Life Registration Information
Redeemer 5th-8th grade students receive a $50 discount like our younger campers for Week 4 which we call Redeemer Week as long as spots are available.

Additional discounts for early registration and for sibling registration may also be available for any week.  Please check for availability & deadline information as you register at the New Life Ranch website. Also, found on the website is information regarding camp scholarships.

Redeemer staff will rotate in and out of the camp throughout the week. 

For more information about New Life Ranch or to register for camp, go to